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You have a book in your mind or your hard drive. What next? Come with me on one of the most rewarding journeys of your life as I show you how to achieve your dream of having a book in your hands and in the world.

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Ginger Moran Group Classes


Pack the Essentials for Your Book Journey

Are you thinking about writing a book or have just gotten started and want to be sure you get started right? You’re in the right place! You can save yourself a lot of re-thinking and re-writing if you get started right from the beginning. 

Here is where you can get that good start.

Ginger Moran Group Classes


Book Expedition: Get Expert Help to Map Your Book Journey

Is Your Book Good Enough?

Everyone—even the most experienced writers—worry that their book isn’t good enough.

I can help you find the answer.

In the Book Expedition we will explore this in a focused consultation that includes an inventory of the existing project, assessment of a section of manuscript, and 90 minute 1:1 consultation to review progress and chart next steps.

Go here to read more about the book expedition.

Ginger Moran Book Mentorship


1:1 Monthly Coaching

 Three, Six, and Nine month programs to conceive, create, craft, and connect your book

Sometimes we make our journey harder by thinking that it SHOULD be easy or we SHOULD be able to figure it out for ourselves.No matter where you are in your book journey, you can use expert help in getting to the next stage.

No writer ever makes it alone.

Are you just starting out and want help making the right next steps? Have you finished a draft and want to be really effective in writing the next draft? Or maybe you have a draft ready and want to learn the craft of writing as you re-write and get it ready for the publishing world? Or would you like to learn the best ways to navigate the publishing world?

No matter where you are in the process of writing a book, I can help you be confident–learn the craft, get the most out of the time you put in, and know where you are going. We will put together a program that suits your needs of the moment.

In this intensive, one on one coaching you will find the best way forward and learn the craft of writing as it applies to your own book.

Go here to find out more about Monthly Coaching. 



Ginger Moran Creative Authority


Developmental Editing

Have you finished your book?

Developmental editing is for the person who has completed a draft and is ready to make it publishable by writing a professional next draft.

Together we’ll create a concise, custom plan for your polished next draft and design the way to make it happen – including comments, craft elements, and a revision plan. We will look ahead to a publishing plan as well.

It is possible to combine a developmental edit with monthly coaching. Let’s talk about this.

Go here to read more about Developmental Editing


Ginger Moran Group Classes


Group Program:

Elements of Novel & Memoir

This is a live 6-week group program for people who are writing a novel or memoir and want the help of an experienced guide and the fellowship of passionate companions.

You will learn all the large story elements that are necessary to a good, dramatic, reader-riveting novel or memoir, the most effective ways to deal with limiting beliefs, and the best approaches to marketing and publishing.


Go here to learn more and register.


Ginger Moran Book Mentorship


Creative Authority Novel & Memoir Academy

Give yourself the gift of fulfilling your writing dream!

Are you ready to write the book you have in your mind? Are you ready to become the writer you are in your heart?

This program is for you if you have a book you want to write—and you want to do it right, so that your dream of writing a book is fulfilled and your readers are delighted with what you give them.

Go here to find out more about the Novel & Memoir Academy.

Ginger Moran Creative Authority


Let’s talk about your book:



Ginger Moran-How to Find the Time to be Creative:5 Surprising Paths

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