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Ginger Moran dreamed of being a writer even before she knew it.

She was dreaming of being a writer when her mother read her Hans Christian Anderson’s stories at night and when she staggered home from the library with a stack of skinny children’s books up to her chin as soon as she could read them herself.

She became a writer in her late 20’s, when her life had become a question of staying stuck or flying free. Writing was her way of flying free.

She believes that we are genuinely stardust–and is thrilled that astrophysicists have gotten around to proving her theory. She believes that we are here to create, to contribute, exploding with creativity just like the universe is.

Her coaching business, Creative Authority, is here to help you write the story you have in your heart and mind and get it to your readers.

She has learned to be a determined dreamer over the years–even a defiant one. There are so many obstacles to stepping into creative authority, to owning your own creativity. She has experienced them all–inner and outer. The doubts, the demands on your time, the lack of knowledge and experience, the seemingly daunting complexity of publishing and marketing. 

She has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in English from the University of Virginia and a Ph.D. in Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Houston. She has studied with Ann Beattie, John Casey, Donald Barthelme, and Phillip Lopate among many others. She has published in salon.com, Virginia Quarterly Review, Oxford American, Conjunctions, the Louisville Review, and many other journals and magazines. Her novel, The Algebra of Snow, was nominated for a Pushcart Award and was published in 2012. She has won awards as a writer and as an editor and has had multiple residencies at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts and was a Fellow at the Sewanee Writers Conference. She has spoken at the Virginia Festival of the Book, the Virginia Writers Conference and James River Writers. She has given webinars for the University of Virginia Alumni Association and podcasts for Making Publishing Fun and many more.

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Signature Talks:

  • We Are Stardust: Charting Your Celestial Path to Writing a Good Book

  • Lean Inner: Open Up Your Creative Inner Space

  • Mapping Your Writing Journey: The 4 Stages to Writing a Book and How to Navigate Them

  • From Confusion to Confidence: How Successful Writers Get Their Novels & Memoirs Done and the 3-Step Process to Use So You Can Too

  • Cut to the Chase: What All Successful Novels & Memoirs Have, Where You’ll Find It, and the 4-Step Process for You to Have It Too

  • 5 Ways to Write and 3 Ways to Publish Your Book: Strategies for Successful Publishing and Platform Building

To invite Ginger to speak, interview, or feature, click here!

Here are some ways to read what I have written:

Online presentations:

Five Ways to Write and Three Ways to Publish Fiction and Memoir

Tapping into Your Creativity Professional Success and Personal Satisfaction


The Algebra of Snow


“How Jeeves Got Me Over My Fear of Flying and to London Before my 60th Birthday”

“Go Get ‘Em, Tiger,” Salon Magazine

“On Being Called by the Dark,” Literary Mama

Short story:

“Travelling,” first place prize of the fiction contest, The Charlottesville Hook, 2006.


“Make Publishing Fun,” Kathryn Guylay: “Step Into Your Creative Authority with Ginger Moran”

“The Best People We Know in Books,” Sep. 2012, http://bit.ly/DebScottShow

(for a more complete list of publications, awards, scholarship, and presentations, check here)


Creativity Authority Coaching with Ginger Moran Photo

Algebra of Snow




Ginger Moran-How to Find the Time to be Creative:5 Surprising Paths

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