Raving Fans

Ginger cares about me as an author and a person. She knows how to write, how to publish and how to coach me toward more effective writing. A short time with Ginger had a BIG impact on me as an author.

–Cindie Hubiak, Business Leader and Author

I do not consider myself a writer. I can’t spell and my grammar’s terrible, but I had a story I wanted to tell. I wrote a science fiction book and a small publishing house asked me for a rewrite. I knew I could not rewrite the book on my own so I looked for someone who could answer my questions about the rewrite, help me with grammar, and give me an overall critique and direction for the next draft.

I honestly wish I was a better writer so I could express how much Ginger helped me and made me feel confident about my work. She pointed out what was wrong and what needed improvement, but she also told me what was good about it. I know that it is only because of her help that the publishing company is still considering my work.

The coaching was essential. I have no formal writing training-so Ginger very clearly explained to me what needed to be done to improve my work and how to do it. She taught me basic things about writing like how to develop characters and how to stick to a point of view. My writing dramatically improved.

If you are looking for a writing coach because you’re writing a book – thinking of writing a book or have a story that needs work – you will not find a better coach then Ginger. I strongly recommend her. She will make you feel comfortable, listen to you, but most important teach you what you need to do to reach your writing goals. I have recommended Ginger to my friend who is working on finishing a book and she’s extremely happy.

–Ivy Keating, Mom, Owner of a Landscape Business, and Author

I realized I needed professional help with my writing because I had not formal training nor previous experience. I would rate my writing on my blog as average although I received some encouraging reviews/comments. Still I was not sure I had good enough content for a book.

My fear was cost, being an accountant, but I have to say I believe it was worth every penny.

The structure of the coaching was great. There is a personal touch to it. Ginger is great at keeping you on schedule and setting out a workable plan right from the get-go.

It’s thanks to you, Ginger!

–Dunstan Stober, Accountant and Author

When I started working with Ginger, I felt creatively stuck. I had a contract for a book I could not seem to write, I was in a job where my creativity was unappreciated and dismissed, and despite an ever-growing stack of self-help books, I felt powerless to effect the transition needed to set free my inner artist and find my voice.

I was afraid of spending more money for no return, that this was just one more way of flailing around and grasping outside myself for help instead of taking charge of my life and getting on with my writing. I was afraid of feeling like even more of a failure. Instead, the coaching helped me to listen to my own creative voice and find a path I had not anticipated.

Creativity coaching requires creative methods and thinking, and Ginger is able to bring all that to her clients along with her warmth, humor, and empathy.

–Heather Diamond, Lecturer in American Studies at the University of Hawaii and Author

I decided to see if I had any flair for, and would enjoy, writing fiction. A friend was taking writing classes and it reminded me that way back in my mind I always wanted to write but I was too chicken to actually try. I felt way too exposed and vulnerable that my writing would be judged harshly and I would make a fool of myself or reveal things about myself that would be humiliating. I desperately wanted to try, though, and you were the perfect nurturing, supportive coach.

Ginger gave me her total attention. We got to really think exclusively about what I had done. And, again, Ginger was respectful of my work. Ginger brings vast familiarity with literature, a compassionate desire to encourage writers to engage in the creative process, and reliable availability, all to bear on nurturing her coaching clients.

–Phil Rosenblatt, Attorney and Author

Ginger Moran-How to Find the Time to be Creative:5 Surprising Paths

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