1:1 Monthly Book Coaching


Ginger Moran Book Mentorship

 Three, Six, and Nine month programs to conceive, create, craft, and connect your book.

You have a book in your mind or your hard drive. What next? Come with me on one of the most rewarding journeys of your life as I show you how to achieve your dream of having a book in your hands. Not quite ready for the full monte of the Academy? No problem. We will put together a program that suits your needs of the moment. We will mix and match from the following elements to reach your goal.

Part I: Conceive

Identify ideas
Consider the big picture—market, audience, publishing options
Choose the right idea
Write a deep outline

Part II: Create

Learn the elements of novel & memoir writing
Write the first draft
Create writing habits
Deal with blocks and resistance

Part III: Craft

Revise first draft
Final review
Learn to deal with challenges of this stage—procrastination, resistance

Part IV: Connect

Explore the paths to publishing
Choose the best one
Pursue that path
Learn marketing techniques
[Additional assets can be discussed: Final ms. preparation, website, publishing]


As I turn off my computer for the last time before Thanksgiving I am pausing to reflect on those things and people for which I am grateful. Coming to mind pretty near the top of the list is Ginger Moran, and how lucky and happy I am that we reconnected after (gasp) over 40 years and that she is helping me realize a project I’ve want to do for longer than I am willing to admit. Steve Moriarity, author of Restitution

If you are accepted, you commit to following the teaching, hearing critique, giving up limiting beliefs, and completing your book.

This is your time to write the book you have always wanted to write—and to do it right. Are you ready to become the writer you’ve always wanted to be?

The Monthly Book Coaching program includes:

  • Two 50-minute private coaching sessions with Ginger Moran per month
  • For a minimum of 3 months
  • Up to 25 pages in standard manuscript format (6,250 words) assessed per month for a total of 75 pages (18,750 words) over 3 months (additional pages can be included for an additional cost)
  • Developmental editing of 25 pages
  • Craft instruction as it applies
  • Life coaching as it applies
  • Light email coaching between sessions
  • Plan for next steps in the project at the end of the 3 month period
  • Access to the Pack the Essentials e-course

Investment begins at $4500.






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