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As a writer I sometimes feel all alone in the wilderness, and having someone who is providing truthful, insightful feedback is welcome company. I would say that you are a true professional, that your narrative instincts are remarkable, and that your suggestions improved my novel in very significant ways.

Ross Howell, Jr.

My greatest fear was to put my name on a work that would be mocked and laughed at. While I felt I had a good story, I needed to know that I had eliminated as many mistakes as I could. Ginger was not only helpful in that but her confidence gave me confidence. Ginger won’t change your work. She won’t write it for you. She’ll help you make it better. I often think back to my conversations with Ginger when I’m writing now.

Dennis Fortier

Ginger’s credentials were excellent … [I was afraid] I wouldn’t get what I needed to finish my memoir, I finished it, so [there was] no reason for fear. Ginger will stick with you, has been through the business, and knows what it takes.

D. Mark Cooper

Ginger Moran-How to Find the Time to be Creative:5 Surprising Paths

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